wednesday 7 june

Rio Cinema, Hackney


TICKETS: £15 | Under 16s £7.50  
DOORS: 7.30pm | START: 8pm


In 2016 Jenny Tough ran 900km (solo and self-supported) across Kyrgyzstan from Karakol to Osh via the Tien Shan mountains.

Since quitting his life as a couch potato in 2005 Dave Cornthwaite got busy, so far completing eleven non-motorised journeys each over 1000 miles, including skateboarding across Australia, paddleboarding the Mississippi and swimming the Lower Missouri.

As well as hearing from Jenny and Dave, we'll also be showing a selection of the best adventure films from around the world: be amazed by watching Johanna, the Finnish freediver who dives under the ice, and Tom Seipp, the fearless young cyclist with an incredible enthusiasm for long journeys on his bike, plus more of our favourite films from Kendal Mountain Festival 2016!


Jenny Tough

Sarah Outen

Jenny Tough has travelled six continents, solo. She has cycled around Europe, paddled through the South American jungle, run marathons on four continents, hiked throughout Asia, trekked in Patagonia, dived with sharks, surfed in the North Sea, competed in numerous adventure races, and lived in five countries. She believes that everyone has the spirit of an explorer within them, and that adventures are constantly at our fingertips. While some of her adventures have been epic, year-long expeditions, others have been equally gruelling micro-adventures, only hours away from the comfort of home. Her goal in sharing her adventures is to inspire more individuals to go find their own adventure.

Jenny says, "It all started when I was 10... And my parents lead by the ultimate example by taking leave from their 9 to 5, and moving our family of four onto our small sailboat to explore the Caribbean and learn about far-flung cultures, not returning back to normality again until I was 12. What happened in that period undoubtedly sealed my fate as an explorer and adventurer."

Dave Cornthwaite

Ash Dykes

Dave Cornthwaite is a British adventurer, writer and filmmaker. One of Dave’s earliest exploits was to become the first person to skateboard from John O'Groats to Lands End, 896 miles in 34 days.

However Dave is best known for his Expedition1000 project, a plan to undertake 25 separate journeys of 1000 miles or more, each using a different form of non-motorised transport.

Since 2011 his adventures have included a 2,340-mile Guinness World Record-setting journey down the Mississippi River from source to sea on a stand up paddleboard, and swimming 1,001 miles down the Missouri River. His most recent 1000 mile trip took him across Japan on a scooter.

A natural speaker and story-teller. Inspirational, candid and comical in equal measures. He is the perfect example of someone who turns ideas and dreams into realities.”
— Rob Symington, Founder, Escape The City


Rio Cinema

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