Thank You Bristol!


Bike nuts, adventure lovers and curious locals joined us in Bristol for the first ever Kendal Bike Night on tour.

The event begins...

We drooled over quality bikes and bike-packing gear, drank beer, watched ace bike films and listened to inspirational two-wheeled tales from Stephen Fabes, Dan Milner and Andy & Anna McNeela.

Several lucky audience members walked away with excellent prizes from our sponsors - thanks again to Ortlieb, Bombtrack, Cranked, Sidetracked & Laurence McJannet!

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Kendal Mountain Bike Night at the Redgrave Theatre

Kendal Mountain Bike Night at the Redgrave Theatre

Bikes and Beer!

Bikes and Beer!

Bristol bike fans

Bristol bike fans

Cranked Magazine

Cranked Magazine

Andy and Aneela take to the stage

Andy and Aneela take to the stage

Dan Milner

Dan Milner

Ortlieb bike packs

Ortlieb bike packs

A captivated audience

A captivated audience

Stephen Fabes - Cycling the Six

Stephen Fabes - Cycling the Six

Thank you to our Bristol Bike Night sponsor:


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Dan Milner

Adventure sports & mountain photographer, mountain biker, filmmaker, and your host for the evening...


Like many adventurers, professional photographer Dan Milner has a perverted bent for tough, unforgiving places. His 30 years of hauling a mountain bike through some of the world’s most remote and demanding locations - from Afghanistan to more recently Ethiopia - in search of trails has put him on the map as one of the world’s most experienced and respected bike adventurers. To some he’s a Jedi knight of bike expeditions, living the adventure dream, while to many that have seen his films, he’s more like an idiot abroad. Either way there are few mountain bikers as qualified to present this evening’s collation of mountain bike adventure films and talks.


andy & aneela mckenna

Andy and Aneela, have many a story to tell about their bike adventures in Scotland...

Aneela McKenna

Aneela loves riding her Roubion. She’s passionate about getting more women into the sport and finds nothing more satisfying than seeing other women ride harder, stronger and most importantly gain confidence and value their skills.

Aneela’s favourite saying tells a lot about her outlook:

I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride a bike to add life to my days!

Andy McKenna

Andy’s a dedicated (hairy) mountain biker and has been since the mid 80’s, spending far too much time pouring over maps, exploring the mountains of Scotland and beyond. Turning his passion for two-wheeled adventure into a successful mountain bike guiding & tour business, Andy’s an experienced mountain bike guide and gets onto the hills as much as he possibly can!

I get such a buzz showing off how amazing the riding is in Scotland – it’s the best job in the world being able to take what I’ve learned about Scotland over the past 20+ years and turn that into somebody’s dream trip!”

Stephen Fabes

Doctor. Writer. Speaker. Photographer. Adventure Cyclist.

KENDAL mountain bike speaker stephen fabes.jpg

Like most decisions of great consequence, Stephen settled on a plan to cycle the length of six of the earth’s continents in a pub, beer in one hand, mini-atlas in the other.

For six years, from 2010 to 2016, the Stephen pedalled across 75 different countries, clocking up a distance of 86,209 km (53,568 miles) by bicycle. From the baked deserts of Syria and Afghanistan to an outstandingly untoasty Mongolia mid-winter, Stephen dodged landslides and leaping camel spiders, was detained on suspicion of espionage in China, towed a rollerblader across Uzbekistan, contracted dengue fever (and the urge to tell everyone about it), survived blizzards, tropical storms and volcanic eruptions, marvelled at his own spiralling dishevelment, began a relationship with Ol’ Patchy – a personable inner tube, and survived both a run-in with a gunman and the marauding hoards of school children armed to the milk-teeth with snowballs in Kent.

You can find out more about Stephen on Cycling the Six and


Meet the author
laurence mcjannet

Author of Bikepacking:
Mountain Bike Camping Adventures on the Wild Trails of Britain

BikePacking Book-521.jpg
The joy of bikepacking, I’ve always found, is not only the feeling of going ‘off-grid’ and being self-reliant but how, by taking the paths less travelled, the ones that seemingly lead nowhere or have no immediate destination, your tyres can be the first to touch that trail in weeks, months – years even.

Spending a night in the woods close to home can lend a whole new perspective to a loop that you ride often, while continuing along a trail you’ve always meant to explore further, camping en route, can lead you into wonderful uncharted territory just a day’s ride from your front door.

BIKE PACKING takes you on an off-road adventure, cycling and wild camping some of Britain’s most beautiful hidden trails and ancient trackways. Laurence McJannet sets off to find the 30 finest multi-day rides our island has to offer. From easy city-escapes with the family to epic trails in the Scottish Highlands, this ultimate adventure guide is filled with inspiring stories.

bike night laurence mcjannet bike packing 1.jpg
bike night laurence mcjannet bike packing 3.jpg
bike night laurence mcjannet bike packing 2.jpg
bike night laurence mcjannet bike packing 4.jpg

Laurence McJannet is a writer, explorer and father of three who cut his teeth in Beirut before forging a career in cycle journalism, interviewing Tour de France winner Carlos Sastre and British cycling legend Chris Boardman. He is a regular contributor to publications including What Mountain Bike, MBUK, ProCycling and Cycling Plus and makes cycling maps for Sustrans. He now lives with his young family in Somerset, runs a custom bike building business and is establishing a vintage cycle cafe near Bristol - the UK’s first designated Cycling City.


We're not going to give everything away but suffice to say, we've selected the most exhilarating bike films around showcasing the very best of outdoor filmmaking.

kendal mountain bike film1.jpg
kendal mountain bike film3.jpg
kendal mountain bike film2.jpg
kendal mountain bike night films4.jpg

Throughout the evening you'll have the chance to win some fantastic prizes from our sponsors, Ortlieb, Bombtrack, Sidetracked, Cranked and Kendal Mountain Festival.


ortlieb prizes.png

Seat packs and handlebar packs from Ortlieb will be up for grabs...

ortlieb bike prize 2.jpg
ortlieb bike prizes 3.jpg
ortlieb bike prizes 1.jpg
ortlieb bike prizes 4.jpg

bombtrack prizes.jpg

Bombtrack will be giving away one stunning bike frame:

Bombtrack tempest 1.jpg
Bombtrack tempest 4.jpg
Bombtrack tempest 2.jpg

In today‘s world of high modulus carbon fiber and complex hyro-formed aluminum there is something about the clean and classic look of a steel frame that will always appeal, and not only to the purists. Being made from Reynolds 725 tubing, the Tempest has slim and clean lines synonymous with a classic steel frame but in an entirely modern design. Due to the inherent dampening characteristics of steel, the frame offers more compliance, making the frame effective in transferring power but also supple, for a comfortable ride. The modern road geometry avoids being too extreme, so the shorter rear end and head angle make for a comfortable and dynamic ride giving the confidence to carve through any corner.


Two subscriptions to Cranked magazine.


Cranked is a new magazine for mountain bikers. It is something to savour.
Fabulous photography and writing, assiduous design and beautifully printed.



Sidetracked are giving away two subscriptions to their magazine.

Sidetracked Magazine is an online and printed journal featuring a limited collection of personal stories of adventure travel, journeys and expeditions.

The concept is simple: to capture the emotion and experience of adventures and expeditions throughout the world… and to inspire.

kmf prize sidetracked.jpg
kmf prize sidetracked2.jpg
kmf prize sidetracked3.jpg


by Laurence McJannet

bike packing book prize.jpg

Two copies of Bikepacking by Laurence McJannet

kendal mountain festival.jpg

Win tickets to the original Kendal Mountain Bike Night at Kendal Mountain Festival in November!

nike night band.jpg
kendal bike night beers.jpg
Kendal Mountain Bike Night
kendal mountain guy martin.jpg

Plus, HydroFlasks & a case of KMF beer brewed by Thornbridge.

kmf prizes hydroflasks.jpg
kmf prizes beer.jpg

Tickets are £18 and available directly from The Redgrave Theatre.

Redgrave Theatre
Percival Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 3LE