Discover our 2023 Tour Films

The best of the fest comes to a venue near you! Here’s a sneak peak at some of our Tour films, and the lives of the amazing adventurers that they follow. Expect intrepid tales from the world of cycling, mountaineering, swimming and regenerative farming...

Each venue will have a bespoke programme of films including a selection from below.

Free to Run

Director: Dream Lens Media

Follow ultra runner and human right lawyer Stephanie Case as she trains for the 450km Tor Des Glaciers and her work advocating for Afghan women through the Free to Run organisation.USA, 31’

The Water Holds Me / The Water Binds Us

Director: Lily Mae Kroese

Based on the stories of women who dip, dive and swim in rivers, lakes and seas, the film celebrates the power of water to wash away pain and fear and restore and revive our relationships with the natural world and each other.UK, 2'

Mbogi Amani

Director: Lian van Leeuwen

In the world of bike racing, there is one continent that’s yet to have its turn in the spotlight. A growing community of African cyclists is ready to show their strength on an international level. A game changing film following some of the top cyclists in East Africa. It’s time to change the face of cycling.UK, 16'


Director: Nick Kowalski

A quest to enchain New Zealand’s 24 highest mountains above 3000 metres in a continuous 31-day push. A transalpine journey, from west coast jungle to high-alpine summits, traversing some of New Zealand’s most dramatic landscapes. But with the clock ticking down, fatigue mounting and storms arriving, would they be able to complete the project before their time, weather & luck ran out?New Zealand, 29’

Write your Line

Director: Marc Augey and Andy Collet

As a kid, Ben dreams of reaching the level of his favourite athletes, who have become legends today. During his ski descent, he finds himself sharing his ride with the greatest. This descent will go viral on the internet, provoking the craze of future generations, all curious to see such a sharing.France, 3’

Digging For Answers

Director: Eric Seymour

Jackson Hole Bike Park's Deepest Darkest trail proves universal design makes better trails for everyone. Inspired by their mutual connection to Pierre Bergman, whose life was forever changed due to a biking injury, they created a universal trail design that not only brings flow, speed, and excitement to adaptive and non-adaptive riders alike but also strengthens the bond within the biking community.USA, 7’

The 86 Year Old Marathon Runner

Director: Sara Joe Wolansky

Ginette is 86-years-old. She ran her first marathon at age 69 and runs ten miles every day. In 2019 she ran her seventeenth New York City Marathon. “It’s nice to be the oldest, because there’s no more competition,” she says. We are honoured to be screening this vibrant and uplifting film made by The New Yorker, which inspires us all just to keep moving.USA, 7'

The Farm Under the City

Director: Brett Chapman and Jordan Carroll

Luke Ellis is a builder-turned-farmer that has set up an innovative new business in the heart of Sheffield’s industrial quarter. Leaf + Shoot is an underground vertical bioponic farm built in a disused spring factory. His closed loop system takes the food waste from local restaurants, cafés and businesses in his community and uses organic cycling methods including worm farms and hot composting to grow micro-herbs and vegetables beneath the streets of Sheffield. We follow Luke on his inspirational journey to revolutionise the way we all think about urban farming.UK, 10'

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