About the Kendal Mountain Tour

The Kendal Mountain Tour brings the best of the Festival films to cinemas across the UK.

Join us for an evening of film celebrating adventure from some of the most spectacular places on earth. You’ll be guided through a curation of stories from across the globe, told by a unique collection of travellers, athletes, activists and creatives.

Through culturally rich, cinematically beautiful and thought provoking films we’ll ask; what is possible in a changing world, what is beautiful, what is wild and what defines adventure?

We're thrilled to offer three curations of colourful and exciting films, taking in global landscapes to at-home adventures.

Discover Film Collection One, Film Collection Two and Film Collection Three.

Whilst the Kendal Mountain team are unable to join you live at the tour venues this year, the evening will include on-screen insights from the team, as well as on-screen interviews with the filmmakers themselves. We hope to return with live appearances in 2022.

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