Kendal Mountain Festival tour 2017


Thank you to everyone who supported our first live Kendal Mountain Festival Tour in 2017. We were delighted to share the spirit of Kendal with so many people around the country.

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Below you'll find the speakers and venues we visited in 2017.




Here are our 2017 speakers, some of the world's most intrepid explorers, whose stories inspired, motivated and educated us all.


Ash Dykes

Walked solo across Mongolia and Madagascar

In 2017, Ash spoke in:


Lee Craigie

Ex-pro mountain biker turned long distance bike packer

In 2017, Lee spoke in:

Leeds & Bristol

Stephen Fabes

Cycled 86,209km through 75 countries and 6 continents

In 2017, Stephen spoke in:

Oxford, Canterbury & Brighton

Jonathan Bamber

Mountaineer & environmentalist

In 2017, Jonathan spoke in:


Aldo Kane

Explorer, extreme/hostile locations for TV & Film, world record rower & former Commando

In 2017, Aldo spoke in:

Aberystwyth & Caernarfon

Sarah Outen

Round the world adventurer by land and sea

In 2017, Sarah spoke in:

Harrogate & Birmingham


Dave Cornthwaite

Completing 25 journeys of 1000 miles or more

In 2017, Dave spoke in:

Leeds, Birmingham & London

Jenny Tough

Ran 900km across Kyrgystan via the Tien Shan mountains

In 2017, Jenny spoke in:

Aberystwyth & Caernarfon

Elise Downing

Ran a lap of the British coast: 5000 miles | 10 months

In 2017, Elise spoke in:

Oxford & Canterbury



Films are at the heart of our Festival in November and our outstanding programme will inspire, inform, challenge your perceptions and take you to places and on journeys that will stay with you forever.

Here are a selection of some of our award winning films shown on the 2017 tour


Official Selection at Kendal 2016

Crossing Home: A Skier's Journey
Best Adventure & Exploration film at Kendal 2016

Best Visual film at Kendal 2016

Tom Seipp - A Mountain Journal
Best Adventure Sport film at Kendal 2016

Official Selection at Kendal 2016

The Runner
Official Selection at Kendal 2016

Audience Feedback

Great evening at the Kendal Mountain Festival tour. #kendaltour very inspiring!
— Yorkshire Bike Fit @YorksBikeFit | Harrogate, March 2017
Thanks for a fab evening at the Gulbenkian, Canterbury with speakers Elise and Steve and great films. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the evening but really enjoyed it, and myself, my husband and daughter were all inspired to do more cycling than planned the next day!
— Sarah Mackey | Canterbury, May 2017
Enjoying Kendal Mountain Festival @kendalmountain in Oxford #kendaltour
— Emily Taplin @EmilyT2406 | Oxford, April 2017
Watching #KendalMountainFestival amazing and inspiring!!!! @aberystwytharts #sharetheadventure @kendalmountain @JennyTough #liveoutdoors
— Hannah Vallin‏ @HannahVallin | Aberystwyth, February 2017
Brilliant talk (as ever) from @leecraigie_ at the Kendal Mountain Festival on tour in #Leeds
— Tim Moss @NextChallenge | Leeds, March 2017
Brilliant night last night at the @kendalmountain talks & films at @_GALERI_ in #caernarfon. Inspirational stuff @JennyTough & @AldoKane 👏👏
— Mel Garside‏ @melcgarside | Caernarfon, February 2017
Excellent talks and films at the Kendal Mountain Festival Tour in #Harrogate #kendaltour
— Matthew Webber @mwebber_hgte | Harrogate, February 2017
Great night at @kendalmountainfestival’s UK tour tonight in Leeds. @leecraigie_ What a genuine, down to earth & empowered woman! 💪🏼 great to hear her speak! & @davecorn’s happiness was infectious! #SayYesMore #WonderfulWildWomen #KendalTour17
— Sarah Gerrish @sarah_gerrish | Leeds, March 2017

Thank you to our 2017 supporters

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